Friday, November 26, 2004


Happy Thanksgiving !

Today is Thanksgiving and it's another time for us to think and re-think the things that we should be thankful for. So what are you thankful for? Me, I'm thankful for a lot of things.

* My health… that I'm still alive and kicking despite more than three decades of eating lots of junk food, stuffing myself on countless times with food that will definitely help me clog my arteries, not to mention raise my blood pressure to an all time high.

* My doctor… that he regularly keeps my blood pressure and sugar balanced so that I am able to eat those artery-clogging food every time.

* My family… that they have always been accepting of all the insanities and weirdness that I put in their life. They have always been ready to try out new things just because I force them down their throats. Ha ha ha.

* My religion… that I don't need to do all those brouhahas. That despite the things I've done, God is still forgiving and gracious enough to give me second chances.

* My age… just don't ask me what because I won't divulge it even if you ask me at gun point. Suffice it to say that I've reached maturity and self awareness that I'm ready to impart valuable lessons and knowledge to my kids who are going to be the next generation.

* My kids… that even though they're insane and weird, I still am the ever grateful mom that will always treasure their love (or sometimes the lack of it).

* My postcards… that they arrived just in time for me to distribute them to all my relatives, friends and colleagues.

* My postcards… that they were artfully crafted and designed to look like it was done by a very expensive printing outfit, when in reality they are not.

* My printing provider… that they delivered my postcards on time and on target. (By the way the name of my printer is Large Format Posters. You could visit them at this website:

* For rush printing because without this technology I wouldn't be able to get Large Format Posters to provide me with my excellent postcards at a much faster rate than those of the other digital printing outfits that I've tried before.

* For full color printing service that Large Format Posters can provide at very affordable prices.

And last but not the least- to the Almighty that we are able to celebrate this holiday and be grateful for all the things that He has provided us to make our lives bearable and more comfortable.

Let us not forget the real message of this holiday. Not only should we celebrate the fanfare but also, we should remember to thank our Creator for all the lovely things that he has provided us. Our lives will become better and more cherished when we realize that we are all part of this world and that we should learn to make this a better place for everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Dinner Date From Across The Miles

Christmas is the worst holiday for people like me. I mean, I'm an overseas worker here in Los Angeles and I left my family to look for greener pastures. They said that the United States is the land of milk and honey. And for the past five years, I have been working and working so that I will be able to save all the milk and honey that I could get.

So this is my fifth Christmas here that I'm going to spend without my family with me. You know, it's so hard because all my life I've been with my family to spend every celebration and festivities. Even toothaches and check-ups with the doctors, we are always together. Now, all I have with me to ease my pain are pictures… tons and tons of pictures. There are pictures from traditional cameras; and nowadays, my family sends lots and lots of photos via the internet since the introduction of digital technology.

But this year, it's going to be a very different Christmas for me. I've thought of a way to help lighten the feeling this holiday season. Luckily, my friend Jean told me about this wonderful provider of large format posters. I have this weird idea that I wanted to try out.

You see, I originally planned to just print my family's pictures from my very reliable and portable printer. (This has been my buddy for the past two years now.) But when I saw the samples and portfolio of Large Format Posters I was instantly struck by an idea. Since these people are experts in providing printing services in larger than life sizes, why not reproduce my photos to make them into full human sizes? Pretty weird huh? But, you know, when you get to be alone for many years now without your family, you'll be able to think of a lot of ways to ease your loneliness and homesickness.

So this time, I ordered from Large Format Posters large reproductions of my family's pictures and told them to make them like pop-up displays. Something like the ones we see in the malls, usually in those photo stores where they have this displays outside.

I ordered them last week thinking that they would need at least some time to come up with my job order. But wonders of wonders! They called me this morning to tell me that they'll be finished tonight. And they even asked me whether I would want for them to deliver. WOW! What great service! In my country, you would have to travel to get your orders yourself. But with Large Format Posters, they go the extra mile to fulfill the best service ever for their customers.

And the best thing is that my family really looked good. Just seeing them from the display was like having them here, standing right in front of me. Whew! This really made me cry.

Anyway, I'm just ecstatic with the results of my job order. Thanks to Large Format Posters, my Christmas won't be blue this year.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


The Wide World of Large Format Printing

Browsing through a printing magazine, I was struck by an article giving tips on choosing the perfect printer and eventually embarking on the wide (large)-format printing industry. The way this guy explained the things to be done is so simple that even a greenhorn like me can easily do it. Let me just share it with you. It was an article by Kenneth Sandlin, an author of “Wide Format Printing: An Introduction and Buyer’s Guide.”

According to Sandlin, if you’re thinking of adding or embarking on wide format printing, you need to upgrade and invest on equipment. That’s the number one rule. Wide format printing is the fastest growing field in the printing industry that it has become virtually a very good investment because of the advancement in technology and the materials and consumables becoming more affordable.

However, because of the wide range of choices for equipment, manufacturers, models and technology changing every few months, the task of getting the ideal equipment is overwhelming. But it’s easier if you break down your most essential consideration: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO PRODUCE?

It all boils down to your specification of production. Whether it’s POP displays, Posters, Presentation, Floor Graphics or any other options, it is better to choose your point of focus first. Then answer the following questions: Will you focus on indoor or outdoor graphics? Long term or short term outdoor in combination with indoor? How near or how far will the graphics be viewed? What will be your clients’ requirement for resolution and color accuracy? How large a volume will you need to be able to produce?

After answering these basic questions, you’re ready to decide on which printing technology will best suit your planned output. Choose the ink types that you’re going to utilize. Whether its aqueous inks, solvent inks, or eco-solvent inks, it all boils down to what you can afford. Aqueous inks are more expensive in the long run because you use media with a receptor coating to receive the inks. This receptor coating speeds the drying process and bond capacity of the ink.

Solvent inks are less expensive and more durable outdoors. They are often used for applications such as vehicle graphics, billboards, and many more. On the other hand, eco-solvent inks are less aggressive so they require a specially engineered media to receive the inks. Still they are not top-coated and are nearly as durable as the solvent media.
Anyway, that’s all for now. You might want to watch out for the second installment of this blog. I’ll tell you the rest of the article next.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Large Format Printing

It was a great night yesterday at the trade show, Although I never planned to go, but coming back from work, I was stuck in traffic, so I decided to stop by and I was glad I did stop by, cos I was able to get my little cousin a gift for his birthday. He had been disturbing his mom for the large poster of the movie Shark Tale and luckily for me, I found a nice one at the trade show display.The exhibits were beautiful and so creative. I have never seen something like such in my entire life. Speaking about the posters, they were so conspicous and the prints were superb, I mean perfect. The colors were so bright and distinct, and ofcourse, with qualities like that, the credit goes to the printing company..
Large Format Posters is an online printing company, who specialize in any type of color printing, large format printing, movie posters printing, inkjet printing, trade show posters and all sorts of digital art.
With what I saw at the last trade show display, I definitely know that they just don't use ordinary printing equipments because those movie posters were just too catchy. The inkjet posters had great prints, look at this, a lot of inkjet posters I've seen at my previous trade shows, I remembered, most of them did not last long before the prints on them wore out, but with these ones of large format posters, you can most definitely tell that the inkjey printers used for these are high, state-of-the-art equipments.
Look at the large movie poster of my favorite childhood movie, I have had it for almost 4 years now and I had it printed at Large Format Posters. That particular movie poster has been smeared and ruined by different sorts of inks and liquids but it still retains that luster like it was just printed few minutes ago. I think this has to do with thier type of printing equipment which I am very sure stands out from the other printing sites around..

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